Criminal Defense

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No one ever anticipates being charged with a criminal offense. Many people believe that these incidents only happen to those who are career criminals. Unfortunately, many people may engage in an isolated indiscretion during their lifetime which unfortunately results in an arrest. When charged with a crime, our clients often face consequences that can include incarceration and other severe penalties. For more than two decades, we have been representing individuals charged with crimes ranging from DWI to homicide. We realize the value of an individual’s freedom and use our experience and expertise to preserve a client’s constitutional protections. Should you ever find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney, please call the FKM criminal defense team which is available to help you twenty-four hours per day.

Felony Matters

Felony charges have serious and long lasting consequences. If you (or someone you love) are facing felony charges, you are at risk of prison time, probation and substantial fines. A felony conviction can seriously alter your ability to obtain a job, apply for a loan or even vote. At FKM our experienced attorneys have handled felony matters involving charges of homicide, drug trafficking, robbery, grand larceny, consumer and individual fraud and weapon possession. We have access to the finest investigators, forensic scientists, toxicologists and ballistics experts, who make all the difference in strengthening our clients’ cases.


A misdemeanor charge in New York State carries a maximum penalty of one year of incarceration. A misdemeanor conviction, even if it does not result in a jail sentence, can have significant long term ramifications as it does represent a criminal record. Shop lifting, sexual misconduct, possession of stolen property, possession of narcotics are all examples of misdemeanor charges. Often considered a minor crime with major consequences, a misdemeanor arrest should not be taken lightly – you need an experienced attorney to handle these matters.


Driving while intoxicated and other alcohol related charges are very common in New York. These charges can result in a loss of your license, significant fines, probation and, often, jail sentences for repeat offenders. At FKM our team of experienced attorneys do everything we can to secure a reduction of the charges against you, or to have them dismissed. We also seek to minimize the effect a conviction might have on your driving privileges.

Traffic Matters

Many of our clients have been involved in situations where they have been issued one or more traffic tickets. A conviction of a traffic infraction can result in fines, surcharges, points on your license (increasing insurance rates) and affect your ability to drive.

Our attorneys understand the type of proof required by the People, appear regularly in court and often put fourth unique but sound defenses judges understand and appreciate. The vast majority of cases do not require your appearance in court if you have retained counsel.